Artists combine the primary colors of red, yellow and blue to create an entire rainbow of expression. Like the primary colors, Zeyer uses a palette of rock, folk, blues and country to create soulful music that captures the landscape of roots-Americana.

Zeyer is the talented duo of three time award-winning songwriter Stephanie Fletcher Dickinson and award-winning lyricist Vince Dickinson. In their former home, Chicago, they graced the stage at many popular locations including numerous Border’s stores, Uncommon Ground, Elbo Room, Starbucks, Circle Inn, Pops on Chicago, and Gunther Murphys. They have been asked back repeatedly by these venues because of their professionalism and eager audiences. In addition to a large repertoire of original music, Zeyer performs covers ranging from Grateful Dead to John Prine to B.B. King. Their self-titled debut CD “Zeyer” was released January 2004 on FLM Records & Publishing. A new CD is in the works.

Stephanie’s singing style has been called “beautiful and versatile” and “angelic,” and her songs have been described as having “cleverly written story lines” with “compelling imagery”. She also plays rhythm guitar and violin. Stephanie has been a musician since the early age of 4 when she started violin lessons. She began songwriting at age 11 and her love of singing and writing led her to start guitar at age 19. In 2002 and 2000, she won honorable mentions in the International John Lennon Songwriting Contest and she won a Song of Merit from Unisong International in 2001. Stephanie has appeared on 14 CDs to date, including her own full length album “Soul Celebration” (FLM Records and Publishing, 1999). One Amazon.com reviewer said “‘Soul Celebration’ is even higher on my all time favorites list than Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue'”.

Vince’s melodic guitar solos and vibrant textures range from raw, dirty blues, to alternative-rock, to delicate acoustic folk. A songwriter and guitarist of 14 years, he blends the influences of The Allman Brothers, Lucinda Williams, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix. His previous bands Vida Blues, LukaBrazzi and Huckleberry have drawn crowds at a variety of venues, including the Taste of Chicago Festival. He has also been a studio musician for a number of artists’ albums, playing guitar, bass, and dobro. In 2003 Vince won 2nd place in the Nashville Tunesmith competition in the lyrics category.

Zeyer’s self-titled debut CD (FLM Records & Publishing, 2004) features 11 original songs that run the gamut of emotion and style. It starts with a country-rock tune “Time Flies,” and moves on to the barrelhouse blues-inspired “God-fearing Woman”. Then it gets down with the classic rock, award-winning “Ain’t Got Wings” (Song of merit – 2001 Unisong International) and the award-winning country ballad “3 O’Clock in the Morning” (2nd place lyrics – 2003 Nashville Tunesmith).

In honor of the 15th anniversary of Zeyer’s debut album, it’s been re-released, and is now available for streaming, download and physical CD: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/zeyer1

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