About Me

A melodic, guitar-driven blend of ancient past and sci-fi future.

My Happy Place Circa 2006

Orlando-based studio musician, guitarist, songwriter… I’d be happy forevermore locked in my studio with a few guitars and a nice pair of monitors. Okay, maybe a drum kit and keyboard. And a pile of books. My motto is to keep it organic, focus on groove and melody, and say something. My writing has a human connection. I’m not interested in writing music for robots, nor do I want them taking my job as a musician. I use technology where it serves me, not the other way around.

2nd place for lyrics in Nashville is like 1st place anywhere else!

Influenced by the Allman Brothers and Metallica, Lucinda Williams and Black Sabbath, B.B. King and Phish. I’d like to think I have pretty open ears and a wide taste in music. I do have a strong connection with the guitar, and I’ve been playing the instrument for nearly 30 years. There’s something about the attack of the notes of a guitar resonates with me, whether it’s acoustic or electric, distorted or clean. I fell in love with the guitar at age 16 and never lost that spark. It’s endlessly expressive, and there are endless angles to explore.

If you really want my detailed life story – the music-related bits, anyways – feel free to visit my Biography page and read all about how I got here.